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Cropping Instructions

Before editing your photo, please get acquainted with the photo editor tools.

You should first determine if your photo needs to be rotated to a horizontal orientation. Use Rotate Right or Rotate Left to align the subject area of your photo to orientation of your puzzle.

Next, choose the Crop tool icon, click and drag on the image to make a selection. You can reposition the crop selection by moving the corner points or clicking on the crop selection and moving it into the desired position.

NOTE: The 'Crop' tool constrains proportions to match the dimensions of the puzzle that you are viewing.

After you've rotated or selected your crop area, choose the green Preview icon to see your changes. If you're not satisfied with the changes, you can click the Undo icon and continue editing your photo.

NOTE: If your crop creates a file that is too small a warning will be displayed. Click the Undo icon to re-crop the image at a larger size.

If everything looks good, select the Save icon.

NOTE: After clicking the Save icon, your original image is preserved and a new image is created for your puzzle. You can delete any image that has not been added to the cart. Click the red X icon that appears to the right of the image icon.

Choose your packaging option and click Add to cart.