Portrait Puzzles makes it easy for you to create your own puzzle. We make custom photo puzzles for all ages and abilities. Here is a quick step by step guide to ensure you have great results with our website. In a few quick steps you can turn your picture into puzzles.

Who is This Custom Photo Puzzle For?

Once on the Portrait Puzzles website you see we have many custom puzzles to choose from. The person putting the puzzle together will help decide which puzzles to choose from. Are you making this for an adult puzzler that likes a challenge? Our 720-piece and 1000-piece custom puzzles are ready for them. Planning a family get together and want a fun activity? The 250-piece and 500-piece custom puzzles will get the gang working together. Looking for fun for your young puzzler? Our 15-piece and 30-piece puzzles make playtime fun and educational. These sizes are also a great fit for those young at heart that may have reduced vision or dexterity.

All our custom puzzle sizes are on our Puzzle Sizes page. Click on the size you want to design and we are ready for the next step.

Choosing the Perfect Photo

Easier custom puzzle photo.

Ronde Van Vlaanderen by Author

Now you are ready to upload your photo and turn your picture into puzzle. But what picture to choose? Some choices are easy. Mom will love to see the photo of your family by the Christmas tree as she puts together her present. Pets make excellent custom puzzle subjects. You can create a custom puzzle from almost any picture. For some examples take a look at our Puzzle Ideas page.

The picture choice can greatly increase the difficulty of the puzzle. If you want to make a challenge pick an image with only a few colors and large blocks of the same color. Turn a picture of a few white clouds in a blue sky into a puzzle and search through hundreds of blue and white pieces. Making a large puzzle a bit easier can be done by picking an image with many contrasting colors and shapes.

We recommend images that are at least 100 dots per inch (DPI). For our 100-piece, 10” x 16” custom puzzle, pick an image that is at least 1000 pixels x 1600 pixels. This would be greater than 1.6 MP, but less than the 8 or 12 MP that most smart phone cameras are able to take.

If you do upload an image that is too small the site will give you a message that your file is too small. We want to ensure you receive a sharp and vibrant puzzle. The site will accept almost every type of image file.

Completing Your Order

You picked your custom photo puzzle size and uploaded the perfect photo. You now need to choose if you want your puzzle in a custom printed box or a platinum gift tin. Once that selection is complete click “Add to Cart” and that is all it takes to create your own puzzle. You can go back and create more puzzles. These can be of the same size or pick a different size. Once your cart is full of custom puzzles the last step is to check out. Enter your contact info and select the address to ship your custom puzzles to. Portrait Puzzles accepts a variety of payment methods.

Finally click the “Submit Order” button and you have created a custom puzzle!

Custom Puzzles Shipped Fast

We turn your picture into a puzzle fast. Orders place before noon on a business day ship the next business day! The custom puzzle you created will be on your door step within days of ordering. If you need it super-fast, we have several expedited shipping options. We deliver your custom puzzles when you need them.

Create Your Own Puzzles

The next time you are looking for a unique gift consider a custom puzzle. Portrait Puzzles will turn your pictures into puzzles. Custom puzzles are easy to order and quick to ship. We have a puzzle that is perfect for anyone!