There are many size options when you are shopping for a personalized jigsaw puzzle. In some cases, the largest puzzles are the best option. What are large format puzzles? When would you want to order a large format jigsaw puzzle? Who are large custom puzzles a great fit for? We will answer all these questions and more!

What Size Are Large Format Puzzles?

When selecting puzzle sizes, we qualify puzzles as large format jigsaw puzzles when one of the puzzle dimensions 36” or greater. Some of these puzzles are too large for assembly on a table and need to be worked on the floor!Sometimes large format puzzles need to be assembled on the floor.

At Portrait Puzzles we have three personalized jigsaw puzzles that fall into the large format puzzle category. These are our poster puzzle, our custom floor puzzle, and our custom panoramic photo puzzle. Your photo is reproduced in a jumbo size when these jigsaw puzzles are printed.

How Big Are the Pieces in Large Format Puzzles?

That depends! With our large format puzzles, you get to select the piece count. Pick a size from 4 to 200 and your puzzle is custom cut with that number of pieces.

With the 24” x 36” poster puzzle you can go from 4 pieces that are 12” x 18” all the way to 200 pieces that are just over 2” x 2”. This custom piece count selection allows you to make a puzzle that has the difficulty level that you want.Panoramic photos are a perfect fit for large format puzzles.

Who Are Large Format Puzzles Made For?

Everyone will have fun assembling a personalized jigsaw puzzle! The large format puzzles are a great fit for both the young and the old with reduced dexterity and vision. By selecting a lower piece count with large pieces, the pieces are large and easy to handle. The large size of these puzzles makes your photo easy to see than smaller puzzle options.

The large format puzzles also make these great for promotional puzzles. Have your logo or promotional photo pop off the puzzle with these large sizes.Kids love large format puzzles.

Can Large Format Puzzles be Made with Panoramic Photos?

Vacation photos make great large format puzzles.

Absolutely. The large format jigsaw puzzles are perfect for panoramic photos. Your scenic photos from vacation come to life when recreated in a large custom puzzle. Relive the moment you snapped the photo each time you assemble the panoramic puzzle.

What Size Photo is Required When Ordering Large Format Puzzles?

These large sizes to need large images to ensure the result in sharp finished puzzles. The recommended image size is at least 100 DPI for each inch of puzzle. For the 24” x 36” puzzle you will want an image of at least 2400 x 3600 pixels. For a full discussion of selecting the perfect image read this article.

Ready to Order Your Large Format Puzzles?

Portrait Puzzles is ready for you! Choose your size and upload your photo. Create your personalized jigsaw puzzles today. All our puzzles are made in the USA. Orders place by noon on a business day, will ship to you the following business day.