A puzzle is a puzzle is a puzzle?  Certainly not.

Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts know the difference, and it makes a big impact on your enjoyment of snapping together a custom photo puzzle. We have highlighted the biggest differences between the highest quality jigsaw puzzles you get from Portrait Puzzles, and the second-rate puzzles that are just no fun.

Variation In Pieces

What fun is it to put together a puzzle if all the pieces look the same? Many puzzles use a “cookie cutter” approach when cutting their pieces, but not us. When producing our puzzles, we take pride in our industry-leading puzzle shape variation. This provides more of a challenge when putting the puzzle together and helps in creating a perfect fit when completed.

Portrait Puzzles vs. industry standard puzzle piece variation.

“Scattered puzzle pieces next to solved fragment” by Horia Varlan is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Sturdy Pieces Resulting in a Perfect Fit

Here’s what our measurements says about our pieces and our competitor’s pieces.

Portrait Puzzles vs. industry standard puzzle piece thickness.

The difference of .02” doesn’t seem like a lot, but pieces that are 36% thicker are more satisfying to assemble. The feel and sturdiness of each piece matters. Thinner pieces are more likely to break and don’t provide a satisfying fit. It takes substantial equipment to cut through an entire jigsaw puzzle, and we have what it takes to do it.

Each jigsaw puzzle piece is meant to fit ONLY in its designated spot. That should be the rule for EVERY jigsaw puzzle, right? Unfortunately, some of our competitors’ pieces wiggle in their spot and oftentimes lack enough variation to determine one piece from another. It’s no fun snapping a piece into the wrong place! With our puzzles, this is not the case. Our top-tier materials ensure that every piece fits snuggly only into its designated place.


Print Quality

Portrait Puzzles prints puzzles using industry-leading high quality digital flat-bed printers. When submitting your photo to Portrait Puzzles, we can assure you it will be printed as cleanly and as clearly as possible.

We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the final print quality of your product. When an order is placed, our professionally trained photo editors will review your photo to ensure the quality is print-ready. If there are quality concerns about your photo, we will contact you via email to make it ensure we can settle on producing a top-quality final product.

Portrait Puzzles high quality printing.

        Portrait Puzzle print quality – Courtesy of Itsy Bits and Pieces on Facebook

Sturdy, Reliable Packaging

Our sturdy, one-piece box ensures that your puzzle is protected from any damage or lost pieces. Many of our competitors use a standard 2-piece box with a separate lid. These boxes are prone to fall apart or come loose, potentially leading to lost pieces. This sturdy box combined with the compact sizing makes for trustworthy travel and storage.

Our puzzle boxes have snap-in inserts connected to the lid, ensuring sturdy storage. Additionally, each puzzle comes in a zip bag, adding extra security to decrease the chance of lost pieces. A puzzle with a missing piece loses its purpose, so we take every possible step to guarantee your puzzle’s longevity.

Portrait Puzzles box and logo.

Why do we do it better?  At Portrait Puzzles we take great pride in the product we make. As material costs increase, we won’t cut back to save a few dollars. We’ve counted on the same material suppliers for well over a decade. Our die-makers are absolute experts. Our employees take pride in their work. It all adds-up to a great product that you can count on every time.

Made in La Crosse, WI, USA