Portrait Puzzles offers a wide variety of piece sizes and piece counts with our puzzles. From our 1000-piece photo puzzle to our 15 piece puzzle. There is a wide range of sizes and piece counts to keep every puzzler happy with their custom puzzle. Why do we offer so many different piece sizes and counts? Read on to find out!

Small Pieces make a Custom Puzzle More Challenging

By varying the piece size, a puzzle that is the same size, from the same image, can range from a simple task to a real challenge. One of our most popular puzzle sizes is our 16” x 20” format. With this size you can order five different piece counts; 500-piece puzzle, 300-piece puzzle, 200-piece puzzle, 100-piece puzzle, and a 30-piece puzzle.

Hands assembling 1000-piece puzzle.

“puzzlehands1”by kleem9 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

When we cut the 16” x 20” custom photo puzzle into a 500-piece picture puzzle, each piece only has a tiny part of the original image. Pieces cut this small are difficult to exactly match to where they came from in the image. This can be even more difficult by using an image with only a few colors and little contrast. You might be able to figure out what corner the piece comes from. From there you will need to match up the custom jigsaw puzzle piece shape to complete your 500-piece photo puzzle!

When cut in 30 pieces the pieces become larger. This makes it easier to identify where each piece of the 30-piece custom puzzle is from. Plus, there are just less pieces. There are few pieces to look through and match up, making it an easier puzzle to complete.

Large 30-piece puzzle pieces work good with small hands.

“Future town planner.”by Bernard Spragg is licensed under CC0 1.0

Larger Pieces are Easier to Handle

Portrait Puzzles makes puzzles for both the young and those young at heart! The larger pieces have advantages for both groups.

The larger pieces are easier to manipulate into the correct location for the tiny hands of children. This is also important for seniors with reduced dexterity. Our 30-piece and 15-piece custom jigsaw puzzles are great for both groups. Not only are the large pieces easier to handle, but they are also easier for people with reduced vision to see.

Small Pieces May Make a Large Puzzle

Just because the pieces are small doesn’t mean your custom puzzle is going to be small. Our largest 1000-piece photo puzzle is also one of our biggest. Coming in at 20” x 26” it makes your image jump off the table as the 1000-piece puzzle is assembled.

If you have the need for an even larger custom puzzle we have some even bigger options. Our Custom Floor Puzzle, Poster Puzzle, and Panoramic Puzzle options are the largest of our custom

puzzles. From 36” x 48” for the Custom Floor Puzzle to 40” x 16” for the custom Panoramic Puzzle. We can custom cut these to a piece count from 4 to 204. You have control over the custom puzzle piece size and the difficulty.

Custom 500-piece puzzles are good for young and old.

“family puzzle time.”by tess_marie is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

No Matter What the Size. We Have a Custom Puzzle for You

Portrait Puzzles can meet all your picture puzzle needs. From the 15-piece puzzle to the 1000-piece puzzle we have the perfect puzzle for everyone on your list. Upload your photo today and create your very own custom puzzle. Contact us if you need any assistance in choosing!